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What you'll NEED:

  • a Screwdriver (the biggest one that will fit the provided screws)
  • a Drill (if you have a drill that also acts as a screwdriver, thats even better)
  • Drill Bits (Size X and Y are what I use, but close counts)
  • A Level

First, remove your shelf/shelves from the box. Take note of which side is the bottom. The bottom will have a small hole drilled somewhere in the middle of the surface.

Whats in the Box:

  • Shelves
  • A bag with your mounting hardware (screws and anchors)

Second, separate each shelf into two pieces (length-wise). If it's a little tight, don't worry. Its supposed to be. Just patiently pull each side little by little until it comes apart.

Third, take the skinny piece with the pegs and place it against the wall where you want the shelf, making sure the top is up and the bottom is down. Place your level on the skinny piece and level the wood.

Fourth, using the drill with the X bit, mark the holes by quickly drilling into each pre-drilled hole just enough to make a mark. (pens are too fat to reach the wall, but feel free to mark the holes a different way if its easier)

Fifth, remove the wood and with the same bit, drill each mark until you go through the drywall. Take note of any hole that hits a stud (wood).

Sixth, with the Y drill bit, drill each hole that DID NOT have a stud (wood) behind it. This makes it a little easier to install the drywall anchors, which the holes with studs won't need.

Seventh, with a large Phillips screwdriver, much better yet, a large screwdriver bit on a drill/driver, insert the provided drywall anchors into the holes that do not have studs behind them.

Eighth, screw each provided screw into the open holes of the mounting portion JUST until it starts to poke through the other side.

Ninth, set the mounting portion against the wall, aligning the screws with the holes and drill each screw fully into the wall.

Tenth, slide the main portion of the shelf onto the pegs.

Finally, insert the tiny set screw into the bottom (underneath).

Congratulations! You're done.

Be sure to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!

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