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Floating Shelves

How To Find The Perfect Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a special type of shelves that mount directly to your wall without any support from the floor. The special thing about floating shelves is that they can go anywhere. The hardest part about using floating shelves is making sure they can hold whatever you put on them.

Over 99% of floating shelves should online are “ornamental,” which means they are not meant to actually be used. So, the most important factor you should consider when making and/or buying shelves online is their ability to support weight. The design of the shelf is crucial for strength—as are the components used. At Brooklyn Blackpipe, every shelf we offer is meant to hold the maximum weight possible. You won’t find stronger shelves.

The second most important factor in making and/or buying a floating shelf is aesthetics. How good does it look? The magical thing about good floating shelves is that they are both strong and beautiful.

Brooklyn Blackpipe shelves are in boutiques, museums, offices and homes across the world. If you want high-quality, custom, handmade floating shelves, you’ve come to the right place.

To hang a floating shelf:

  1. Check your wall for damage.
  2. See if/where any studs are in the location you want to mount your shelves.
  3. Whenever possible, mount to studs. If you only have one stud available, thats ok.
  4. Depending on your shelf design, follow the specific instructions given on how to mount. If buying a shelf online, make sure that it includes all the necessary mounting hardware—including wall anchors. If there are no detailed instructions or the only hardware included are screws, continue researching for a better alternative.
  5. Contact your shelf maker with questions on how to mount if need be. They should be happy to help.
  6. If you have a Brooklyn Blackpipe shelf, check out our installation videos.

Yes, floating shelves are very strong. Floating shelves will hold as much weight as the mounting system allows. In other words, if you mount a well-designed shelf to an undamaged wall, your shelf will be very strong. Unfortunately, most floating shelves found online will hold no more than 3 pounds because they are designed with extremely mounting systems. Any quality shelf should be designed with mounting as the primary design consideration and should include mounting hardware, complete with wall anchors.

Floating shelves can hold well over 200 pounds. Most shelves sold commercially will hold no more than 3 pounds. The difference depends on the shelf design and how well the mounting system works. 

Mounting to studs is the strongest method, but even drywall itself can support well over 100 pounds if the shelf is designed properly and used correct and quality mounting hardware. 

Typically, your shelves should not be any deeper than necessary. The deeper a shelf is, the bigger the impact weight will have on it. In other words, a shallow shelf can support more weight than a deep one (assuming weight is spread evenly across the shelf).

Yes. Well-made floating shelves can hold up to 200 pounds depending on wall strength and whether studs were mounted to. 

No. A well-designed shelf can mount securely to drywall only using a proper combination of wall anchors and fasteners. 

Use high-quality wall anchors, a big screwdriver and lots of pressure. That said, it is STRONGLY advised to use a drill to make small pilot holes for your wall anchors.

A well-designed floating shelf can hold over 200 pounds. Unfortunately, most floating shelves found online will hold less than 3 pounds. Ultimately, the weight a shelf can hold comes down to 2 things:

  1. Design of shelf and mounting system
  2. Wall strength. Is the wall damaged or compromised in any way? Will you be mounting to studs or drywall only?

Brooklyn Blackpipe shelves are designed intentionally to hold as much weight as possible. If mounting to studs, Brooklyn Blackpipe shelves can hold well over 200 pounds. That said, in over 10 years, not one single customer has ever reported an issue due to weight.

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