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Clothing Racks

How To Find The Perfect Clothing Racks

Clothing racks are pieces of furniture that you use to hang your clothes. They are like closets outside of your closet. You can mount them to your wall or use them on a standalone rack with wheels. The really special thing about them is that they are flexible to your space. When you live in a place like Brooklyn, where closet space isn’t always a given, you need strong, good-looking racks to hang your clothes.

The hardest part about buying and/or making your own clothing racks is strength. 99.99% of all standing clothing racks you can buy online are made of cheap materials and will break or become damaged immediately. And when it comes to wall-mounted racks, when we first made these, they weren’t even something you could buy online. 10+ years later and you can find copy-cats selling cheap versions of Brooklyn Blackpipe racks.

What makes the clothing racks offered so special is that they are designed to hold more weight than anything else you’ll find and/or make. We use a very specific set of mounting components used in a very deliberate way to create maximum strength.

Whats more is that our designs are always focused on looks. If what we make doesn’t look good, its not worth designing. We clean all of racks by hand and finish with high-grade museum wax.

The result is pure beauty.

The clothing rack made by Brooklyn Blackpipe is the best clothing rack on the planet. It was designed in direct response to trying everything else and discovering that there were no quality clothing racks available commercially. Our unique mounting system, cleaning process and museum-grade waxing finish is why we are used in 100’s of fashion boutiques and 1000’s of households across the United States and abroad.
Standing and rolling clothing racks should be at least 48″ inches tall. For gowns, dresses and other long garments, 60″ inches is the proper height. Brooklyn Blackpipe wall-mounted clothing racks can be mounted at any height—freeing up lots of floor space.
Since garment racks can be customized to any size, placed at any location on a wall and mounted to any surface, you can design your rooms with relative ease, knowing you can fit racks into any and all available wall space.
“Clothing Rails” are normally called “Clothing Racks” or “Clothes Racks”
“Standing Racks” and/or “Rolling Racks”
  • Design Quality. Is it made of aluminum or some other flimsy metal/plastic? Clothes are heavy and using a clothes rack puts lots of stress on the rack.
  • Strength
  • Aesthetics (how good does it look? Remember, it’s furniture.)
  • Size. Can you customize it?
  • Space. Do you mind taking up lots of floor space with your rack?
  • Price. Most racks are cheap and last a few months at best. The lifetime cost of low-quality racks is huge.

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