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How To Find The Perfect Bookshelves

Bookshelves are homes for your books. How you store your books says a lot. We believe that books are special and deserve to be displayed that way. Like with all of our furniture, our shelves are wall-mounted. And since books are heavy, we designed our bookshelves to hold a ton of weight, not just look pretty.

Add charm and class to any space in just a few minutes by installing one of our elegant wall-mounted bookshelves.

Between 8 – 15″
  • 8″ inches is great for regular small paperbacks
  • 14″ inches is good for large books and gives you room to pull the book out from the top corner
  • 15″ is big enough to comfortably store your vinyl records (not books, I know)

Check out this Video for detailed instructions

Between 7 – 10″ inches
  • 7″ inches is enough for small books
  • 10″ inches is enough room for almost any large book
Yes. They are (semi) non-disposable household items that provides spacial and utilitarian value. Furniture is unique in that it helps shape spaces into places.
There is no difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase. None.

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