Floating Shelves and Handmade Furniture

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can make any room look better. And there’s a million ways to create floating shelves. The trick is to do it with style and strength. The two styles I prefer and create for all my personal use are black pipe floating shelves and thick rustic shelving with hidden (built-in) brackets.

My shelves are designed to be super strong and look amazing all at the same time. Almost every shelf I thought about buying (before I started making my own) was only meant to be “decorative”.. which translates to “not meant to actually hold things.”

I’ve sold thousands of my shelves over the last few years and the neat thing is that no two are exactly alike. I can customize all the sizing and coloration to whatever you’d like. And since black pipe is gross and dirty when you buy it from a plumbing store (or lots of sellers that coincidentally copied my style over the years), I created my own special furniture wax that cleans and finishes the metal to a soft, smooth surface that’s user friendly.

Clothes Rack

Living in Brooklyn means you usually don’t have closet space or room for big dressers. And all the store-bought stuff was weak and ugly. So, I designed a solution! A solution that let me keep my floor space too. And as simple of a solution as it is, the magic is in how it mounts. Through trial and error, I created a system of mounting hardware, that when used together, created an insanely strong hold that held so much weight that, even my most wildest expectations were blown away.


Bookshelves are wonderful accent pieces for any book lover. Its important to hold your books in style. I offer a number of super interesting wall bookshelves.

Headphone Stand

Headphones stands are often overlooked in most offices because, well, frankly there aren’t many useful and stylish ways to store your headphones.. which is why I made one.

Magnetic Poster Hanger

Holding your posters and pictures in a way that adds to their awesomeness is crucial. My solution is something minimal, non-destructive and attractive enough to make any wall look better.

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